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  • computer accuracy
  • reliable-repeatable-portable
  • precision engineering
  • self propelled


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SHRIKE is a modern, fully autonomous , computer controlled robotic friction sled.

It has been specifically designed and engineered to address known sources of error in measuring surface resistance.

SHRIKE excels in accurately measuring road surface friction. It offers different skid plates to extend it’s usefulness.

Measure resistance to sheet metal, rubber, plastic, fiberglass, shoe leather on any surface.

This new technology completely replaces decades old and obsolete traffic drag sleds

Safe to use. Operates independently with guaranteed velocity. No pull angle error or scale to read. Fully warrantied. Free tech support.

All weather capability in a sturdy, professional design

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  • rugged All metal construction
  • reliable-repeatable-portable
  • precision engineering
  • self propelled
  • External Dimension: 39.5 x 25.8 x 11cm (15.5”x 10.15”x 4.3”)
  • Internal Dimension: 23 x 13 x 5.3cm (9”x 5”x 2”)
  • Total Weight.: 6.6kg (13 lb ) Skid Plate:(3.5 lb 1.59 kg)
  • Power: 4 D Cell
  • Track Width: 40mm
  • Default Test Velocity: 0.15 m/s (0.53 f/sec)
  • Obstacle-Surmounting: Maximum 70mm (2.75”)
  • Max. Climbing Angle: 45
  • Max. Working Span: 150mm
  • Load Capacity: 30kg (66 lb)
  • Suspension System: Both Sides with 6 Sets of Suspension
  • Body Material: Steel with Baked Finish
  • Material of Removable Track: Zinc Alloy