General Packaging and labeling

  • Every single package(reel,bag,box,tube...) has a label showing Mfn P/N.
    If you do not have manufacture part numbers or use your own part numbers, please label with Designator name showing in your BOM.
  • ONE project per box.
    If you have more than one project with us simultaneously, to avoid any mess up, please pack components according to project respectively, if there's any sharing parts, please make sure the quantity is enough to complete all jobs and labeling clearly.
  • Packing slip/list will be much appreciated
  • Preferable single packages: Reels and cut tapes(continuous)

PCB request:

  • For the panel size, we prefer panel within 6"X 8", the short edge of the panel should longer than 2 inch
  • Rails: 4(width:5-7 mm) rails on sides, at least 2 rails on long sides. (3 fiducial marks)
  • For the panel design, we prefer 1 x N or 2 x N panel.

( You can send us check plot from your PCB supplier if possible, and we can check it for you. )

Extra parts request

For Prototype :
  • For 0402,0603,0805,1206 package, transistors, small SOT, diode or any similar parts we need 2-5 units extra.
  • For IC, we will try our best to avoid loss, if the loss happen, we will request you supply additional.
  • For 0201, we prefer have 5-10 extra units.

(To avoid extra loss, we will not use loose part first if the cut tape quantity is enough for the build.)

For production run:
  • Based on industry standard, it request 4% extra parts. We can discuss more details based on actual order.

Stencil request:

Framed stencil, opening in the central area,thickness between 3.5mil - 5 mil, size min:10x19, max:29x29 (Unit : inch)

(standard size:584mm x 584mm)

Frequently Asked Questions

Your requirements and ideas are always important to us. Let us know what you have in mind and we will try our best to make it work for you.

Do you run turnkey?


Can you run the job within two or three days?

If you can provide all the needed parts, we can make it happen for you (for reasonable quantities).

What are your pick and place machines capabilities?

Head-Mounted Vision Cameras and Cognex Vision Processing for Non-Contact “on-the-Fly” Alignment of SMD’s for 0.6mm x 0.3mm (0201 Footprint) to 16mm x 14mm, including Ultra-Fine 0.12″(0.3mm) Lead Pitch QFP’s.

Can you run Lead Free production?

Yes, we have both Lead and Lead-Free processing capabilities.

Do you run prototypes or small value production runs?

Yes, we even have a special process to help you cut your costs for prototyping and achieve better assembly quality.

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